I love to send out mail art! Yes...snail mail!


I started painting my own postcards almost ten years ago. I find inspiration everywhere for my postcard art...especially when I am traveling. It‘s almost a given now that friends and family know to expect the unexpected from me. And who doesn't like to receive a fun piece of mail made just for them?

Yes...I‘ve also had a Love/Hate relationship with the U.S. Postal Service over the years. Mostly, they love to hate the unconventional sizes and shapes of my postcard art...forever telling me that it‘s not mailable. When in doubt, I‘ve learned to just put an extra stamp or two on the postcard and everyone is happy.

You might be wondering....why waste the time when you can just go to the store and buy a greeting card or a postcard? Better yet, why waste the money on postage when you can just e-mail an electronic greeting card for free? Because handmade postcards are WAY more fun to make and receive than store-bought. They are unique. And it‘s a piece of art that I made specifically for the recipient.

My postcard materials range from card board, paper scraps, menus, newspapers, wine labels, pizza boxes, paints, scissors, spray mount, Xactos, markers, to found objects such as wood or plastic, and even computer-generated graphics. I usually always take my sketch book and paints with me when I travel...it‘s a perfect way to chronicle the trip, and to also sketch an idea on the fly.

It‘s great to combine my offbeat style with my love for the unconventional to create unique mailable pieces of art. To someone else, I‘m sure all they see are scraps...I see endless possibilities of what to do with those scraps. I hope you enjoy looking at my many samples of postcard art as much as I enjoyed making them!

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